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Our Story

Our Mission & Vision

Here at Phil-Ease, it’s our mission to provide only the most convenient state-of-the-art home organisation products. With the technological advancements available today, there is no excuse for home storage solutions to add to our daily struggles. As such, we are committed to staying informed on market needs when it comes to kitchen storage containers and other home organisation solutions. In addition to providing home storage options, we are passionate about making our items well-rounded and applicable to other uses. For example, the Phil-Ease can easily be used as a better replacement to hold confectionaries in sweet shops. Vet offices can hang the Phil-Ease in their office to keep dog treats fresh and accessible to visiting pet owners. Restaurants could use these in their busy kitchens, filed with all their dried ingredients for quick use. The practicality of this product will send you to purchase more than one for your home, office, or shop!

Our Journey

Philip Lees didn’t stop at just creating a container that would perfectly align with other food containers. He put a lot more thought into the design of Phil-Ease to ensure the product was well-rounded when it came to convenience.

When observing other containers, Mr. Lees noticed they had a lip that would cause cereals and other foods to get stuck. Often, the lid structures would slam shut when tilted, which then requires the user to lift the lid or shake the container. Of course, this increased the risk of spilling food, resulting in a mess!

These frustrations led Mr. Lees to yet another realisation, what if the container lid was connected to an installed bracket system within the cupboard? When removed, the lid would remain in the cupboard so the user could pour food without a lid flapping in the way. The container would then be inserted back onto the bracket guide system and pushed home onto the internal lid after use. This bracket system doubles as a great way to keep food organised, whilst also maximising your cupboard storage space because the containers are raised from the base.

Hand reaching for Phil-Ease storage container

Taking his innovation a step further, Mr. Lees also made the brackets applicable to the wall or even the underside of a shelf. This way, you don’t have to have a cupboard to experience the full benefits of Phil-Ease. With multiple fixture points, the Phil-Ease can be installed on almost any surface to keep your food conveniently organised and accessible.

While holding the Phil-Ease, you will notice the difference in the handle compared to the chunky and bulky handles of other kitchen container brands. Smaller at the bottom and bigger at the top. For example, a child would find it more comfortable to hold the bottom, whereas an adult may find it more comfortable to hold it further up. So no matter what your hand size you will be able to achieve a safe grip.

Our Founder

Philip Lees

Inventor and founder of Phil-Ease, Philip Lees, has always had a passion for discovering simple solutions to real-world problems.

With many ideas coming to market, Philip has been coming up with solutions to make life easier. The first solution is the cupboard containers.

In 2019, upon organising his cupboards and brainstorming ways to free up some space, Mr. Lees realised that his family had a kitchen cupboard space issue many other families experienced as well. As a family of four, there just wasn’t enough room for everyone’s cereals to be piled into the cupboards.

The current containers they had were oddly shaped, and the lids or angled bottoms pressed together until they were tilting, making the cupboard internals look messy. Mr. Lees grabbed his tape measure and quickly realised that the containers were not designed to fit inside a kitchen cupboard. He found that a 400mm wide cupboard would only allow him to place 3 containers inside due to their odd shape. Leaving lots of space that couldn’t be used.

He then set out on the long journey to ideate a brilliant new container that would seamlessly fit in tight spaces alongside other food storage containers. As such, he ideated and implemented the Phil-Ease! Now, you can enjoy a well-organised cupboard situated with a food container that was designed to make your life easier.

As his career has quickly become his hobby, he is consistently thinking up new ways in which he can improve the lives of others by offering streamlined options to common clutter and organisation issues. He finds great fulfilment in knowing that he contributed to improving the lives of others— even if it is just through the use of innovative food storage containers.

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